juillet 12, 2020

Get the Grip on Green #4 – The world of recycling

Here again is our sustainable news! This time, we’re revealing the secrets of the recycling chain and all you need to know about the recycling process. It’s technical stuff but we’ve done our best to present the global recycling stream in a clear and understandable way! We certainly had questions. If you do too, drop us a line. We’d love to hear them and find the answers together.




All European countries, whether they are part of the EU or not, decided to go in one direction: You know already that this is called circular economy. They want to reach a working circular economy until 2050. Therefore, some fundamental steps are needed and one of the main steps is reuse and recycle materials. This includes of course design products fit for recycling as well, because we need to enable recycling this way.

That’s why this Grip on Green covers “mechanical recycling” and the including parts like collection from households, sorting and producing new products.

To have a better feeling on the packaging waste situation in Europe, you will find here after some self speaking grahics illustrating the global issue.

All those graphics are coming from Eurostat, the European agency for all statistics which is access free.

The green packagng team,

Packaging waste by type of material

En raison de l’évolution rapide de la durabilité dans le secteur de l’emballage ainsi que des différences locales des processus de recyclage et de la loi, les informations fournies dans ce document sont fournies à titre indicatif uniquement.Nous vous conseillons de vérifier votre réglementation locale.